This will be a very loosely organized SAL.
--Participants may work at their own pace and choose charts in any order that suits their fancy.
--Participants may post photos at any stage in the process: WIP, Cross Stitch finish, Final finish.
--Since only retailers who attended the 2006 Indy market are authorized to distribute or kit these charts, all participants are asked to refrain from copying and/or sharing the charts with others. Those wishing to acquire the charts should inquire at their favorite LNS. I do know they are available [with an additonal purchase] as a CD-rom of all 41 charts from The Silver Needle in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
--Let's all have fun with this very generous gift from the participating designers.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the wedding shop

by Keslyns?

Does anyone have the key for it? Whereever I got my set from didn't include the key for that shop.

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  1. sampler68 on the 123 mb says she has a key she can send you