This will be a very loosely organized SAL.
--Participants may work at their own pace and choose charts in any order that suits their fancy.
--Participants may post photos at any stage in the process: WIP, Cross Stitch finish, Final finish.
--Since only retailers who attended the 2006 Indy market are authorized to distribute or kit these charts, all participants are asked to refrain from copying and/or sharing the charts with others. Those wishing to acquire the charts should inquire at their favorite LNS. I do know they are available [with an additonal purchase] as a CD-rom of all 41 charts from The Silver Needle in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
--Let's all have fun with this very generous gift from the participating designers.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Progress

I was able to spend a bit more time on my Monsterbubbles pieces on Sunday and I am happy with the way it is shaping up. At this stage, it is a perfect piece for waiting rooms since there are large blocks of a single color to be filled in. I should have thought of that before I mounted it on a doodle lap frame ... not exactly the most portable of stitching frames. Ah, well, live and learn.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Sidebar: The Master List

It has been suggested that a master list of the charts in this series be included as a sidebar. I should have thought of that myself, which only goes to illustrate what I said in the very first post about fine tuning this blog as we go along. Apparently, not every shop distributed the entire set, so folks want to see what they might be missing. So I spent a little time this morning putting it together.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Thanks for setting this up, Riona.

I finally found my patterns and have barely begun stitching the LK Candy Shop for my first one. I have to order a couple of the overdyes (and button) for it. Not enough progress to show yet.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm in!

Thank you Riona for setting up this blog! I'm really excited to get some of these stitched up. Eventually I'd like to have a tree full of these little finishes making up my Tree Town. ;) So far I've finished two in the past, but unfortunately don't recall the designers. I have another kitted up, but again don't know which one, will look later tonight. I'll also dig out the CD and see which ones I'd like to work up first...

Let's Get Started

I hesitate to say this but it was relatively easy to set up this blog ... which means I will probably discover I overlooked all sorts of important details. Until such time, let's all have some fun with these great charts ... we can fine tune the blog settings as the need arises.

My first suggestion is that, once we have established our roster of charter member participants, we divide up the list of designers and wholesalers who contributed charts and e-mail or snail mail each a thank-you note and invite them to drop in from time to time to view the uses to which we have put their generous gift.

I couldn't wait to get started ... as soon as I printed my charts from the CD-rom ... three jumped out at me immediately:
Monsterbubbles' Jail
Crescent Colors' Saloon
Val's Stuff's Train Depot

Since I needed to pick up a few skeins of floss for the Saloon, I began on the Jail first.