This will be a very loosely organized SAL.
--Participants may work at their own pace and choose charts in any order that suits their fancy.
--Participants may post photos at any stage in the process: WIP, Cross Stitch finish, Final finish.
--Since only retailers who attended the 2006 Indy market are authorized to distribute or kit these charts, all participants are asked to refrain from copying and/or sharing the charts with others. Those wishing to acquire the charts should inquire at their favorite LNS. I do know they are available [with an additonal purchase] as a CD-rom of all 41 charts from The Silver Needle in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
--Let's all have fun with this very generous gift from the participating designers.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Monsterbubble's Jail Progress

I have made a little progress since my last posting ... but, to be frank, this piece was put aside for most of the last two months. Mainly this was because late April and early May are my busiest times professionally: registration mailings for 2010, Confirmations, First Communions, End of Term Exams and Progress Reports, etc., etc. But I am also involved in a RR that has had some difficulties with one of the participants. As luck would have it, the problem child is immediately before me in the rotation. When the first piece was "lost in the mail", I felt nothing but concern and even though three of the four weeks for that rotation had already elapsed ... I recreated the lost piece for her: buying new fabric, stitching borders and dividers as well as my own panel. Now that the second piece has gone missing, neither I nor the organizer are nearly as sympathetic ... believing that nothing has ever been or will be mailed. The problem child has been dropped from the rotation entirely. So between stitching my own very ambitious piece for said RR and re-creating the piece for the stitcher who shall remain nameless, what little stitching time I have had in the past eight weeks has been consumed by the RR.

But three days ago, I got back to my Jail. I think this design is a hoot and I will love the finished product but at the moment I am a little weary of grey. I need to finish filling in the arch and the taller tower with WDW Dolphin and then will have to outline the granite blocks that make up the whole building with WDW Charcoal. Since the upcoming weekend is supposed to be just as grey and grim, I expect I'll have a lot of indoor stitching time over the next two days. Who knows, I might even finish the piece! The next piece I plan to stitch in this series is Sharon's [of Crescent Colors] Saloon ... a cheerful and very colorful piece. It will be a most welcome change. I'll use the same Silkweaver 28ct Starquest linen but I expect it will look like an entirely different fabric with the bright palette of Sharon's overdyed cottons.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the trouble with the RR, Riona. I've only been in a few RR's and have been lucky with good "partners" so far.

    Bless you for restitching the one that went missing!

    I love your jail so far. I need to get busy and start another piece from this series.